Trivia Zoom

We are planning  a TRIVIA zoom for members.  If you missed our previous zoom BINGO, it is a super fun way to see each other, catch up and win some prizes. An email will be sent once all of the details are sorted.

BLM Food Distribuion in Paterson

The holiday season is officially upon us.  As we cannot get together, WDC will be working with Black Lives Matter food distribution in Paterson to help with food insecurity, as well as adopting a family for the holidays.
If you would like to volunteer with BLM food distribution please go to the link below:

Georgia Special Elections!

Through Women for Progress we currently have letters from Vote Forward for the special elections.  Packets consist of 80 letters/envelopes and 40 stamps.  They are available for porch pick up tomorrow at 717 Birchwood Drive.

I’m Speaking

Women for Progress is selling these great sweatshirts to raise money for the above letters and postage.  Consider one for a holiday gift to yourself or a friend. If you are interested email Carla Pappalardo at

Wyckoff Township Committe Meeting, November 16, 2020

Wyckoff Township Committee Meetings

Staying informed is part of our duty...

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